Kinsmen Kart Club
2014 Kinsmen Rules & Class Structures

Download Rules & Class Structures Here

These rules are to supplement the WKA rules.  When there are rule conflicts or overlaps between the Kinsmen and the WKA rules, the Kinsmen rule supersedes those rules of WKA.


2014          Kinsmen Board of Directors

Melanie Miller                   President

Amanda Mills                   Vice President

Vern/Melinda Frediani      Secretary

Rick Luther                      Treasurer                                

Vinnie Cervelli                 Sgt. Of Arms


See website for complete contact information -


1                    General


1.1              Membership fees for 2013 are as follows:

New Membership - $350

Early Renewal Membership - $325   (Must be a member from the previous year – Form must be received or postmarked by January 31st).

Renewal Membership (after Feb. 1st) - $350

            Mid season (July 1st – October 31st) - $225

November thru December - $350.  Includes membership for the following year (2014). 

Business Membership will no longer be available.  **For those past members that have been continuously current and in good standing will be extended an honorary business membership fee.**


Club members must be able to show their membership card and gate card to a board member, track steward, or any club member when asked to prove club membership.  Un-sponsored Non-members will be asked to leave the track.


1.2              All driving non-members are subject to a $30 practice fee.  Non-members may practice on the weekends only from 10:00am – 5:00pm.  Members are responsible for making sure the club receives their guests practice fees.


1.3              On race days, because of insurance and liability, EVERYONE (including members, non-members, vendors, business members and ALL their associates, etc.) entering the facility, are REQUIRED to purchase and wear a wristband.  The cost of a wristband is $10 ($6 for under 5yrs).  Members/participants are responsible for making sure their guests have purchased a wristband.  Driver’s wristbands are included in their race fees.  Anyone found not wearing a wristband may be asked to leave.


1.4              Members are responsible for having their guests sign waivers, wear all required *safety gear, and follow all the club rules. 


- *Snell 2005 Helmet or later – full face, secured with a strap.  Helmet must be in good condition and show no signs of damage. The driver is responsible

for making sure that his or her fits properly and is securely fastened

before entering the racing surface.  In the case of a minor, this is the  

parent or guardian’s responsibility.  Failure to properly secure the     

helmet before entering the racing surface may result in a disqualification.

-          *Gloves – Required to wear by all drivers.

-          *Driver Clothing – All drivers must wear jackets of heavyweight leather, heavyweight vinyl material or approved heavyweight abrasion resistant nylon material and full-length pants to prevent or minimize abrasions OR driving suits of one or two piece design constructed of heavyweight leather, heavyweight vinyl material, or approved heavyweight abrasion resistant nylon material. CIK homologated  karting suits are acceptable.  Suits of Nomex only or Proban material are not acceptable.  Fire resistant suits are not adequately abrasion resistant.

-          *Footwear – Socks and High top shoes or racing boots are required for all drivers.  They must cover the anklebone and be laced, buckled, or secured as designed.

-          *Neck Collar – All drivers must wear an unaltered collar-type neck brace designed for motorsports use when on the track.

-          *Chest Protection – All drivers in all Kid Kart, Junior 1, Rookie, and Cadet classes are required to wear a SFI certified chest protector when they are on the track.

-          *Chassis Safety – The kart must be suitable for high performance with emphasis on safety. No projection from the vehicle that constitutes a hazard to other vehicle or drivers shall be permitted.  All karts must have a chain guard.  All weights on the kart must be painted white and fastened to the kart with a nut secured with a cotter pin or safety wire through a hole drilled in the bolt. Tires should be in good condition without visible flaws.  NO TIRE DOPING ALLOWED. All karts must have a rear bumper that’s covers at least 50% of the rear tire.


No exception to these rules. Not followed, no racing.


1.5              Race fees established include transponders, and are as follows:

Members -         1st Kart: $55         *2nd Kart: $45     

Non-Members – 1st Kart: $65        *2nd Kart: $55        

                                 *Must be same driver for discounted rate                                     

Kid Kart 1 Member: $35    **Kid Kart 2 Member: $45

Kid Kart 1 Non-Member: $45    **Kid Kart 2 Non-Member: $55

                               **Includes fuel for Kid Kart 2


Lost or Damaged transponders – Replacement cost $$$.


1.6              Lost gate card - $75 Replacement fee


1.7              Any non-member found in possession of a gate card will have the card confiscated.   The card’s rightful owner will be notified and required to pay a $75 fine for its return.  Loaning out one’s gate entry card and/or membership card is forbidden.  Doing so will result in the revocation of your membership.


1.8              Drip pans/carpets and fire extinguishers are required in all areas of the Pits / Paddock at all times.


1.9              Track hours are 9:00 AM to dusk Monday thru Sunday, seven days a week for members.  Non-members may practice on weekends only – 10:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M.


NO motors may be started prior to track being officially opened for the day or after dusk.


1.10          When the track is posted as CLOSED, there will be no use of the track.  Any member using the track will lose his/her membership.  Non-members will be subject to prosecution.


1.11          No RV’s or large trucks/trailers are to be parked on the pit area pavement at any time.  Driving vehicles in the pits to unload or load Karts and equipment is permitted.  No motorized vehicles are allowed on the track except Go-Karts.  On race days, no vehicles are allowed in the pits to load equipment until the last race is over.  Vehicles unloading or loading equipment are to enter the pits from the north and exit to the south. 


1.12          No skateboards, bicycles, roller skates, scooters, motorized scooters, golf carts (exceptions made for the disabled), or roller blades are allowed at the Dixon facility during any racing event.  Violators/racers may possibly be DQ’d on race day.  Kinsmen Kart Club is not responsible for any damage or loss to items.  Pets are to remain on a leash.


1.13          No open fires.


1.14          On race weekends, the back row of pit spots are reserved for use by enclosed trailers or large box trucks only.


1.15          No tire doping or chemically added treatment allowed. 


1.16          Any 85CC motor is subject to an adjustment of a minimum of 30 pounds or more than an 80CC motor.  Starting weight for an 85CC motor could be 405 pounds or more. 


1.17          Kid Karts are allowed to run (practice and race) Kid Kart engines ONLY, as per WKA rules.


1.18          As of 2011, ALL karts are required to have a full rear bumper that covers no less than 50% of the rear tires.


1.19          YLC tires are the only tires allowed in competition until further notice (with the exception of 125 Stock Moto which will be YLB or MG Yellow).  




2.0              Class Structures


2.1              The following are the classes, weights, tires and ages for 2013.  The following classes are    on the normal race schedule.  Additional classes may be run when 3 or more karts register.

****Competition age guidelines per WKA rules.


Class                                       Weight                                    Ages                            Tires++


Kid Kart (non championship)                                      5 to 7                           YLC    

Kid Kart II                               150 lbs                         5 to 7                           YLC    

JR. 1-2 cycle                            235 lbs                         8 to 12                         YLC

HPV 1                                      250 lbs                         8 to 12                         YLC

Jr 1 Box Stock Clone              

265 lbs                         8 to 12                         YLC

HPV 2                                      310 lbs                         12 to 15                       YLC

Jr. Box Stock Clone                 320 lbs                         12 to 15                       YLC

Junior Super Sportsman         300 lbs                         12 to 15                       YLC

Super Sportman Light              340 lbs                         16 and Up                    YLC

Super Sportsman Heavy    360 lbs       16 and Up           YLC

Formula 80 Senior                   375 lbs                         16 and Up                    YLC

Formula 80 Masters                 375 lbs                         35 and Up                    YLC

TaG / Rotax                             375 lbs                         16 and Up                    YLC

TaG / Rotax Masters                375 lbs                         35 and Up                    YLC

Stock Moto 125                       385 lbs                         16 and Up                    YLB/MGY

F-200 Yamaha                         350 lbs                         16 and Up                    B55/B44

Box Stock Stock Clone            360 lbs                         16 & Up                      YLC

Unlimited Clone                      360 lbs                         16 & Up                      YLC

            *Unlimited Clones must have a billet flywheel & billet rod

++Tires - YLC tires are the only tires allowed in competition until further notice (with the exception of 125 Stock Moto which will be YLB or MG Yellow).


Rotax Classes:  All Rotax classes ran as part of Kinsmen’s club line-up will be run by USA Rotax Max Challenge rules.           


***Classes may run together depending on kart count


2.2              Kid Kart class is per WKA rules.  All Kid Kart drivers must be the obtained age of

             five years old in order to race. Kid Kart engines only as per WKA rules.


2.3              Club Races are not run in the rain; therefore, rain tires are not necessary.


3.0              Scoring


3.1.1        A club race day will consist of: A) 5 minute practice, B) 5 minute qualifying: two heats and a main:  laps to be determined.


3.2              The qualifying times will determine the grid for the first heat.  Fast qualifier shall have         pole position.  (Ties will be broken by the second quickest qualifying lap time).


3.3              Kinsmen uses the heads up scoring method.  How you finish in the heat race will      determine starting order for the next heat/main.  The results of the main event will                  determine the overall results for the day.  A driver must take a competition green flag lap to receive points (qualifying, heat or main).


3.3.1    X-Drivers (drivers that have participated in fewer than 3 races) will start all heats and the main event at the back of the grid.  Must complete a full race day without incident. 


3.4              A driver receiving a black flag for a driving infraction during any heat race will receive        no points for that heat.


3.5              Any driver who receives a black flag and continues to race lap after lap will be         considered ignoring the black flag and thus will be disqualified for the day and receive no     points.


3.6              One throw away is allowed; thus the race with the worst results will be automatically            dropped in the final standings.   


3.6.1        Any DQ cannot be used  as a throw away and will result in zero (0) points.   


3.7              To receive year-end awards a driver must compete in a minimum of seven (7) club races      in any ONE class.  In addition, there must be a minimum of three entries in each of the  required races to receive a championship jacket.  A driver must be a club member to receive club points.  Points are awarded from date of membership.


3.8              Any class with more than 24 entrants, will be determined by the race director how to be



3.9              Racers are responsible for the return of transponders.  Drivers with a lost or damaged           transponder will incur a replacement cost fee $375.



4.0              Open Practice Rules



4.1       All WKA rules apply to practice days.  ALL DRIVERS must use an approved helmet, neck collar, high top shoes, heavy scuff resistant jacket and pants (jeans OK, T-shirts not OK), and leather/nylon gloves, and chest protectors (required for drivers under 12 years of age).


4.2              Minimum age for driving during open practice is 5 years old.  ALL children age 5 to 7          must be in a “kid kart.”


4.3              Junior drivers are not allowed to test karts that they are not eligible to drive in           competition.  A junior driver who is in their option year can test the next level karts even     if they are still competing in the lower junior category.  (Left to the disgression of the    track steward).


4.4              All karts must meet current WKA Sprint Kart specifications and safety criteria. 


4.5              Vintage karts must meet vintage kart specifications.




4.6              DRIVING IN THE PITS IS PROHIBITED AT ALL TIMES.  Karts must be pushed to            the pre-grid area prior to being started.  When exiting the track, engines must be turned            off prior to leaving the scale area.  No driving karts onto the scales, all karts must have         engine off and pushed onto the scales.


4.7              Drivers must enter the course only when there are no karts coming down the straightaway.  They MUST enter the track with one hand in the air and stay to the left   side of the track until they are up to speed and can safely move onto the normal fast line.


4.8              When slowing down, drivers are to put one hand in the air to signal to drivers behind of       their slow speed.  When exiting the track, put one hand in the air one turn prior to exiting          the track, and move off line as one slows down so other drivers can pass on the fast line.


4.9              New drivers and guests without karting experience MUST display an X on the helmet           and on the rear number plate for the first year of driving.  Those who do       not follow this rule will be asked to not drive for the remainder of the day.


4.10          New drivers and guests who are not driving up to speed (lap times in excess of 40    seconds) can practice only if there are less than 15 karts on the track.  When 15 or more karts are on the track, slower drivers must exit the track and wait for a less crowded     session. (Or at the disgression of the track steward).


4.11          Motor break in is allowed.  Please stay off the racing line and point to the side of the            track that you want other karts to pass on.


4.12          On busy days, when practice results in 15 karts on the track, it is expected that members      work together to split the practice time into practice groups.  Groups that are most        common would be: 1) kid karts - No other drivers should be out with Kid Karts unless  approved, 2) slow karts, x drivers / beginners, 3) Jr. drivers, 4) senior cans, 5) TAG / TAG Masters, 6) all shifters.  10 minutes for each group. 


4.13          “Kid Karts” must practice by themselves – unless approved. 


4.14          “Vintage Karts” must practice by themselves.       

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